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Frequently Asked Questions

Honor Security, Inc. is a leading security systems integrator in Michigan and Arizona. We customize all security systems with the latest cutting-edge products and services based on specific needs. We have been successful because of our emphasis on doing the right thing for our customers regardless of the cost to us.
Honor Security, Inc. designs, sells, installs, and services all types of security systems including but not limited to: • Access Control • Biometrics • Burglar Alarms • Cloud-Based Security Systems • Custom Security Systems • Emergency Mass Notification System • Enterprise Solutions • Intercoms • Lone worker • Structured Cabling • Surveillance Camera Systems • Systems Integration • Time & Attendance
Because Honor Security, Inc. customizes and designs every security system based on the needs of our clients, this process can take anywhere from two days to a month from our initial consultation.
Honor Security, Inc. guarantees all services and products. Our Ava cameras come with a lifetime guarantee to ensure your company is taken care of virtually forever. We have tech support and a service team who are reachable 24/7 to support you. 90% of issues are resolved on the same day they are reported.
The staff at Honor Security, Inc. are experts in their field and will handle every aspect of your security needs, from installation to maintenance and repair. We provide training for all systems and software that will be used and are available to answer any questions that may arise.
Honor Security, Inc. is happy to assess your current system. We use open architecture systems, which means our products can interface with or replace old versions easily if we find your business could benefit from new technology. We can work with your current systems and determine the best approach to get them running smoothly once again.
There are several products, services, and service plans available, so pricing will vary. We will provide you with all options for your company, give you our recommendation, and ultimately go forward with what you feel is best for you and your company.
All products and services provided by Honor Security, Inc. are NDAA compliant, which means they are safe and approved to be used by government agencies and enterprises. This protects you, your staff, your customers, and your business.
Honor Security Inc.’s open architecture systems make standardization easier for ongoing support and maintenance, including spare parts replacement and system updates. You would also have the assurance of future scalability and flexibility as your business changes and grows.
Please contact us using this form:, or to speak to someone directly in Michigan, call(989) 401-7070. To speak to someone in Arizona, please call (480) 586-2956.

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  • Serving the Great Lakes Bay Area and all of Michigan


  • Serving the Greater Phoenix Area and all of Arizona